Net sd et net wsd poker

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prince8599: Bonjour j'ai pris mes stats sur un echantillon de 21025 mains bb/100 Gagné 16% net +10.1 net ev+15.4 net sd +185.9 net wsd -5.8 Je voudrais savoir si sur cette échantillons de mains je suis plutôt chanceux ou malchanceux Je ne comprend pas bien cette notion de net ev vis à vis du net merci désolé pour ses questions mais sa me trotte dans la tète

Wiped Out After a Workout? How Food Can Help You Recover Nov 18, 2013 ... InsideTracker is a Boston-area company provides blood analysis services and software to help you find the best food to fit your nutrition needs. WSD - Glossaire de termes poker | Le WSD pour Won-At-Showdown est une statistique qui indique en % la fréquence à laquelle un joueur l'a remporté à l'abattage.

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How to Optimize Your HUD for Today's Micro Stakes Cash Games ... Import the file above in Pokertracker 4 and you can start using my HUD immediately ...... In general, if wsd/w is less than 50% it's a net loss, and 60% or above is ... What is an online poker winning strategy? | Online Poker Review Thankfully, there is a wealth of material available on the internet about online poker strategy to ... In fact, improving your game is as simple as looking at your statistics and comparing ... WSD: went to showdown. ... W$SD: won $ at showdown. A Beauty Cold and Austere - map and walkthrough ... - Plover.Net

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