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Macro for Trinkets : wow - reddit /equip trinket 1513 -> this will put the trinket that you type the name of into slot 15, which is your first trinket slot. Your second trinket slot is 16 14. You could also just use gear sets from your character screen. Edit: I was incorrect on the trinket slot numbers. WOW Macros Guide,Macros Spells and Abilities,Macro Tips WOW Macros Guide,Macros Spells and Abilities,Macro Tips. Using items by what inventory slot you have them equipped to is possible with the /use inventory slot command. The slot is a number that corresponds with its identity in game. Trinkets are the most commonly useable equipped items, so this command is most applicable to the trinket ... Need a macro script to delete gray items. - UI & Macros

In WoW 2.0, macros and addons have drastically changed.Item can be any valid inventory slot, item class or item subclass.You can still use all the same macro options (however, you cannot set options for each individual spell, only for the whole sequence.

CapnBry's World of Warcraft (WoW) Mods - Addons for World of Warcraft, created by CapnBry. ... A macro helper for Hunter pets to to only use a spammable ability when a primary ability isn't about to be up. Screenshot 1 · wqs.jpg ... How do I find out what's in a slot / inventory item?

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Apr 5, 2019 ... This article is a World of Warcraft API stub. ... Use GetInventorySlotInfo( invSlotName) to get the current mapping. ... is only meant to be used as a reference for reverse mapping while debugging, or possibly for use in macros.

This is the macro that I use - one button applies poisons to both weapons with 2 clicks. You can change which poison you want to use, withoutThe macro will check your whole inventory for the item so no worries about having to place it on a specific item slot. note: I had no chance to personally... Macros: Vanilla WoW Macros | Simple solutions Macros: Vanilla WoW Macros. Return to parent page for addons or more wow stuff. The following macros are useful as replacements for spells or abilities which adds someShoot Gun/Bow/Crossbow combined (warriors and rogues) macro. Use Trinkets, Equipment or items in Inventory macro guide. Usefull Macro Guide | Forum The character-specific macro slots are therefore best used for class- or race-specific ability macros.Using items by what inventory slot you have them equipped to is possible with the / use inventory slot command. Макрос со слотом, и как его сделать