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Jerome "The Bus" Bettis: That's too rich for my blood. За два часа 6 голоса За день 130 голоса Всего 1217947 голосов Всего 1780305 баллов. [Arliss and some clients are playing poker] Jerome "The Bus" Bettis: Yeah, Arliss got me $4.6 million up front. too rich for my blood | Forum This hotel is too rich for my blood. The other is that it would make oneself feel putting on airs if one were to do or becomeThis is a case at a poker table- when the bet gets too high for you to stay in the game, you could say, "it's too rich for... Too rich for blood - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

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Ничего не найдено. К сожалению по вашему запросу ничего не найдено. too rich for my blood слушать музыку online или скачать…

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Car loan is too rich for my blood. What are my other… I recently purchased a new car and the monthly payment is just too much for my current budget. I was pressured into purchasing a new car after my old lease was up. The dealer was able to work with me and my less than perfect credit to get me into a brand new 2017 Chevy Cruze.

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Idioms in Action – Poker ... To stack the deck; Sweeten the pot; The game is too rich (for my blood); The stakes are too high; Go for an inside/outside straight ... Poker Game - C2 wiki Generally, five-card poker hands are ranked as follows (highest to lowest): ... in all other cases the ace is high (except some kinds of low ball games). ... can afford to lose - a poker player who can consistently "make the game too rich" for his ... your opponent's money and their blood too, or E-Card in which case you can lose ... too rich for one's blood - Wiktionary English[edit]. Alternative forms[edit]. rich for one's blood. Adjective[edit]. too rich for one's blood. (idiomatic) Too expensive or fancy to suit one's taste or ...