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ACO India offers extensive portfolio of highly durable drainage products and top quality drainage solutions for building drainage, water management solutions, …

Dumoore Systems Commercial Slot Drains. Slot drains are often confused with trench drains but have specific features that define them. A slot drain contains a drainage pipe with a narrow neck that opens at the surface level. ACO - ACO Powerdrain S300K - Ductile Iron Edge by Trench ... Zurn Z888 Series Slotted Drainage System; Zurn Z700 Series Frame and Grate System; Zurn ZS880 SS Shower Drain By Item; Zurn by the Foot; More Zurn; ... ACO K50-KS50 Miniklassik Trench Drain; ACO Brickslot - Brick or Paver Drain; ACO FG200; ACO Trench More; New ACO 100 Series DrainLok Grates; New ACO 200 Series DrainLok Grates; ACO Drain - Modular Grated Trench Drain Systems

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HexaLine. HexaLine is a recyclable polypropylene trench drain system with a range of innovative features, making installation of drainage channels easier then ever. This product is suitable for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic applications. Check out HexaLine Brickslot for a more discreet, slot drainage solution for the HexaLine channel. ACO Sport Precast Slot Drain Systems | Sportsfield Specialties

ACO Slot Drain Ordering. The dimensions of the ACO Slot Drains can be easily specified to the exact project requirements. To specify the channel please use the Specification template which will help you identify the information needed or contact our Sales/Technical department. ACO Slot Drain …

ACO SlotDrain - дискретно отводняване със слотови… Продукти. ACO Drain линейно отводняване.ACO SlotDrain с улей MultiDrain V100 със слот надстройка за ревизия на водосъбирателна шахта. Door drainage channel / stainless steel / with grating /… Installation is quick and easy, ACO StepDrain simply slots in front of the door below the threshold. No cutting of the door frame is required, and the frontFinished with a cushioned, heelsafe, 304-grade stainless steel grating, ACO StepDrain will not require regular cleaning due to its small slot sizes.

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A trench drain is a specific type of floor drain containing a dominant trough- or channel-shaped ... with the metal frame;; And after drying, removing the wooden form, cleaning the pipe inverts and placing the grates in the frame. .... by Gatic and a handful of other manufacturers, most notably Halfords and Aco technologies. HygieneFirst: ACO HygieneFirst stands for ACO's commitment to ultimate hygienic performance. ACO addresses the hygienic requirements of floor drains and applies the design  ... Smith/ACO Trench Drains Series Brochure :: Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co ... SMITH/ACO Trench Drain Series ..... Concrete System is the flagship trench drain in the Jay R. Smith Mfg. ...... channel cleaning is simple once the first grate is.